About FlaProBiz

Florida Professional Business Support specializes in providing support to any business, organization, association, group, or individual that needs help but is not quite ready to hire a permanent staff member.

Outsourcing business tasks is perfect for many situations. A few examples are:

  • the self-employed professional with limited or no office staff
  • the small business owner who has occasional special projects outside the expertise of the regular office staff
  • a corporate executive who needs administrative help while the assistant is on vacation
  • an association that holds only a few events each year and doesn’t need year-round staff on the payroll

FlaProBiz provides executive level interim service with maximum productivity and confidentiality at a reasonable price. We work within your budget and never try to push you to pay for services you don’t need or want.

Areas of expertise include:

Virtual Executive Assistant
Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design
Database Management
Financial & Bookkeeping
Internet & Social Media Management
Website/Blog Design & Maintenance
Product Management & E-Commerce
Conference/Event Management
Print Materials
Consulting & Training