Rates and Payments

Payment Terms are described in each individual agreement but generally fall into one of the three arrangements: Retainer, Account or Project.

Retainer agreements are paid in advance each month and receive a discounted rate for services. Length of agreements may vary but generally run for 6 months. Longer agreements are available if client wishes to lock in rates for an extended period of time. Retainer agreements are highly encouraged for clients who expect to use the services of FlaBroBiz on a regular basis. Rates for retainer clients are often based on a 10% discount from the standard rates and do not have the minimum one-half hour charge per request. Billable time is based on actual time and rounded up to the nearest minute.

Approved account agreements are convenient for clients who do not have a regular or ongoing need for services but wish to be able to expedite services quickly on an as needed basis. In these cases, a deposit is required and held in escrow until services are requested. Invoices for work completed are submitted via email and payment to replenish account is due within ten (10) days.

The terms for project based agreements are negotiated individually and described in the signed agreement. Generally, an initial 50% deposit is required at the time agreement is signed and payment in full is required at completion of project. In the case of projects lasting over thirty (30) days, partial payments on a monthly basis may be required.

Standard rates at FlaProBiz are based on an hourly or per project basis and vary depending on the level or complexity of the services provided. There is a minimum one-half hour charge for service requests and rounded to the up to the nearest tenth of an hour (6 minutes) except for those services covered under a retainer agreement. Expenses such as postage and materials are billed at cost unless otherwise noted. Quotes are available upon request and generally guaranteed for thirty (30) days unless otherwise noted on quote. In the event completed work needs to be shipped, payment must be received in full prior to shipping.

Proofreading is the responsibility of the client and is assumed at the time of acceptance of work unless the FlaProBiz proofreading services are purchased. See “Proofreading” under Virtual Assistant Services.