Virtual Executive Assistant & Administrative Services

The virtual assistants at Florida Professional Business Support are administrative, technical, and creative professionals who perform a wide variety of tasks from basic to complex. All while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Some tasks include: word processing, data entry, bookkeeping, internet research, creating PowerPoint presentations, e-newsletters, e-commerce catalogs, or virtually anything you need.

In most cases, communication between the client and FlaProBiz is done through email, phone, text, fax, video calls, standard or video conference calls, USPS mail, FedEx, UPS, etc. For an additional fee, FlaProBiz wil pickup projects or meet with clients at remote locations.

FlaProBiz virtual assistants can save your business money by allowing you to avoid additional expenses such as: office space, office equipment, software, supplies, employee benefits, vacation & sick time, payroll, training, and more.

Please enjoy this article about virtual assistants that was published in The Oklahoman Magazine, “Virtual assistants provide remote administrative niche services.”

Our Virtual Assistant and Administrative Services are categorized into three groups: Advanced, Basic, and Clerical.

Maintaining Calendars, Schedules and Reminders
Writing (press releases, promotional articles, research papers, etc.)
Copy Editing and Proofreading
Notary Services

Copy editing – This service is performed by a person who is highly skilled in spelling, grammar, punctuation, terminology, jargon and semantics who makes sure the “five C’s” of the copy is clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. In addition, cross-references and links are checked for accuracy.

Proofreading – Proofreading is essential to any published work and is not included in copy editing. A client is expected to proofread all projects for accuracy and authorize or “sign-off” before printing or publishing. However, FlaProBiz offers proofreading as a service which is performed by two different people than those who worked on the project.
FlaProBiz offers two systems of proofreading. It is highly recommended to utilize at least one of them on every project especially if the client doesn’t have the time to proofread the work.
Copy Holding – this technique is performed by one person reading the copy out loud while the other person follows along and marks any differences between the verbal and the typeset. This is generally used for projects that are extremely lengthy.
Double Reading – this technique is performed by one person checking the work first and then giving it to a second person who repeats the process. This technique is generally used when the project consists of lists or outlined content.

Word Processing (manuscripts, reports, college papers, etc)
Scheduling appointments, meetings and reservations
Receiving and sending faxes, emails, and regular mail correspondence on your behalf
Transcribing dictation
Making travel arrangements (airline, hotel, car, and/or dinner reservations, etc.)
OCR scanning and proofing of text documents
Mail merge set-up and processing of customized form letters
Form letters processing
Data entry
Duplicate checking
Zip code research
Printouts, reports or labels sorted as requested
Computer file conversion
Computer file cleanup

Hole punching
Binder assembly tasks
Setting up and labeling files
Hand addressing of mail
Metering mail
Affixing stamps
Affixing tab seals
Sealing envelopes
Folding (hand or machine)
Zip code analysis and counting
Affixing mailing or shipping labels
Presorting, bundling, labeling, sacking, etc.